The Hong Kong Coalition of Service Industries (HKCSI) was founded in 1990 by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. It is the Chamber's service policy think tank. With representatives from more than 50 service sectors, the HKCSI is the major private sector voice for Hong Kong's service industries.

The HKCSI is the Hong Kong private sector's principal spokesman on trade and services in international and multilateral forums such as the World Trade Organisation, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, and the Global Services Network conferences.

Aim of HKCSI

To promote the continuing development and competitiveness of Hong Kong's service industries.

To achieve this, the HKCSI seeks to:

  1. promote the development of a "service friendly environment" in Hong Kong.
  2. provide a focal point for liaison with Government.
  3. establish and maintain cooperation between members of Hong Kong's service industries for the purpose of achieving common goals.
  4. represent the interests of service industries in Hong Kong and to formulate policies and make submissions on behalf of members of the Hong Kong Coalition of Service Industries.
  5. promote fair, effective and comprehensive international and multilateral rules for trade in services.
  6. contribute to the opening of the services sector of the Mainland
  7. establish and develop links with counterpart organisations elsewhere.